Inner Sunset Farmers Market

If you happen to be in San Francisco this weekend, please stop by my
neighborhood and visit the first day of our farmers market. The date
is this Sunday, June 7th from 9am to 1pm and the location is in the
parking lot that runs between 8th & 9th Avenue just south of Irving

It should be good!

One’s Self I Sing

One’s Self I Sing by Walt Whitman

One’s Self I sing – a simple, separate Person;
Yet utter the word Democratic, the word En-Masse.

Of Physiology from top to toe I sing;
ONE’S SELF I sing a simple separate Person;
Yet utter the word Democratic the word En masse.

Of Physiology from top to toe I sing;
Not physiognomy alone nor brain alone is worthy for the muse I say the Form complete is worthier far;
The Female equally with the male I sing.

Of Life immense in passion pulse and power,
Cheerful for freest action form d under the laws divine,
The Modern Man I sing.

Gas hits $4/gallon in Los Angeles

Just heard on XM’s 80s station that gasoline has hit $4/gallon in Los Angeles. I hope someone can look into getting CAFE standards up quickly since the current administration seems to be dragging its feet.

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For a change in those coming from Galt

SFSU-0526007-1.JPG, originally uploaded by chrisjara.

Maybe I haven’t been looking hard enough but Galt needs some more stories of those who have graduated from college. My friend Rob, who I didn’t give a strong chance of finishing, just graduated from San Francisco State with a major in International Relations.

Not happy with just a Bachelor’s degree, he is continuing on this fall to work on a Masters and soon thereafter a Doctorate degree in Political Science.

Anyway congrats!

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